Automotive Club Benefits

More Features. More Affordable. Honest Savings.

  1. We pay for major repairs at no cost to you:
    - Engine, Transmission, Air Conditioning, Steering, Electrical & More...
  2. Towing/Locksmith/Roadside Assistance
  3. We'll pay your deductible in the event of an accident!
  4. Reduce your your monthly car insurance premium
  5. Common Auto Repairs (Save 20% up to $1,000)
  6. Trip Interruption (FREE Hotel Stay if you breakdown)
  7. Dent and Windshield Repair

  8. * Offers not valid for California, Florida, and Missouri. ** Terms and conditions apply. Specific benefits vary from program to program. Consult your official member booklet for more details, available at:

about us

We're a close team of automotive industry insurance veterans, customers, and enthusiasts that have brought together the very best possible network of partners to offer a member benefits program like no other. We wanted to provide something real and tangible, full of meaningful benefits at a price that most anyone can afford. Check back in the coming weeks as we relaunch our new website and present our innovative member packages. We look forward to being your one-stop solution to automotive protection.


Clarity Auto Protection
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